Single and Double Sided Foam Tapes

     Single sided adhesive coated foam tape are high, medium and low density foam which has high water, temperature and dust seal property is coated with pressure sensitive acrylic or rubber adhesive.

     Self-adhesive EVA / Nitrile / Neoprene foam which is used for making gaskets in control panel, car, refrigerators and machines etc. Also used as pipe wrapping or ducting.

     It is available in various thickness such as 2mm/3mm/5mm/6mm etc and adhesion as per customer requirement. It is available in roll or die cuts.

Physical Data
Desc Self adhesive gaskets
Material EVA/ Nitrile/ EPDM / Neoprene
Density 60~852.5g
Tensile Strength >70N/25mm
Peeling Ratio >80%
Thickness 1mm-10mm

     Double sided foam tapes medium density cross-linked PE/EVA foam or acrylic foam coated on both sides with high performance adhesive and available with release paper or film. It has good resistance to humidity, mild acids, oil and grease.

     Features: PE, EVA, PU or Acrylic backing material available, strong, double stick, good elongation property, anti vibrating, strong crack resistance, high resistance to heat, water and moisture, high seal property.

     Usage: Applicable for permanent fixing on irregular surface. For mounting accessories and spares parts in cars, refrigerators, stationary and houses.

      We have acrylic foam tape (VHB) for cladding purpose and spacer tape (4mm/6mm/8mm thickness foam) for structural glazing. Rubber adhesive coated foam tapes are available for plastic and metal hooks.

Physical Data
Desc Double Side Foam Tape
Item No. DF
Backing EVA / PE / PU / PVC
Adhesive Acrylic Emulsion Based /Hot melt/Acrylic Based
Tack >12# >10# >16#
Holding Power >24hrs >2hrs >2hrs
180oPeeling >10N/25mm >8N/25mm
Temperature Resistance 100oC 50oC 100oC
Tensile Strength 15~25N/25mm
Thickness 0.4mm-8mm

      Also avialable with both side release for die-cutting or punching.