EPDM Sponge

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     We offer EFDM sponge, which are used for gasketing, sealing applications and electrical engineering. These sponge are high performance sponge rubber materials for demanding environmental conditions. Further, our range is resistant to low temperature, exceptional UV and ozone make them suitable for exterior applications in construction and automotive usage. Further, our range also offer good dimensional stability, cushioning properties and vibration dampening properties.

Applications and features :
  1. •Computer mouse-mats
  2. • Lighting and signage seals
  3. • Insulation
  4. • Footwear
  5. • Gaskets
  6. • Automotive seals
  7. • Weather stripping
  8. • Vibration and noise dampening
  9. • Packaging
  10. • Electronic equipment
  11. • Non-slip applications such as pads under glassware
  12. • Ozone resistant
  13. • Very good ageing properties